Lenovo drivers

Lenovo device offers you two types of solutions when you're in trouble first is Lenovo companion and second is Lenovo System Update. For downloading and install the lenovo drivers visit the Lenovo's website. By following the given steps you'll be able to launch the updated version of Drivers.

How to Download & Update Lenovo USB Drivers?

You can manually update the USB driver only you need to download and install the updated version of driver. For this procedure you've to manage time and get information about technical skills.

Automatically update the lenovo drivers is easiest method that helps you to update the driver without any waste of time. For this procedure neither you need technical skills nor a risk of updating incorrect drivers.

How do we find Lenovo drivers?

Open Control Panel > Lenovo - Update and Drivers. Click the Start button > All Programs > Lenovo Care, and run Update Your System. Lenovo System Update is used to update/install lenovo drivers, BIOS, and applications.

How to manually Update Lenovo Drivers on Windows?

  1. Turn on your desktop device and click on the start menu option.

  2. You can also press the windows key.

  3. Open the menu and click on the Control Panel.

  4. It will open the Control Panel windows on your system screen.

  5. Click on the Device Manager option for opening the device manager.

  6. Visit the lenovo driver official website.

  7. Update the lenovo drivers then right-click on it.

  8. Select the Update driver software option and it will pop a notification of two options.

  9. For updating the drivers manually, click on the ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’.

  10. The step will help Windows to search for latest driver software for the selected Lenovo device.

  11. If the Windows fail to search a new driver for the device, you will have to look for the solution online on the Lenovo’s official website.

  12. If the above steps won't work then reinstall the driver again.